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Better quality of life through balance, strength and clarity



The InnerBalance Concept was developed by managers, teachers and top athletes, who were also certified yoga teachers and / or mental trainers.


Self empowerment and utilizing best practice methods from the areas of mental training, relaxation methods from yoga and zen are the pillars of the InnerBalance Concept.


Getting acquainted with the various InnerBalance methods help you to improve your ability to concentrate as well as enable you to handle challenging situations in a balanced and composed way. This is achieved by internalizing easy techniques and their integration into daily life. A study showed that this method helps to reduce the effects of stress needing treatment (e.g. burnout). The study also pointed out that neglecting recovery and relaxation time leads to a lowered psychic, mental and physical ability. With the multiple responsibilities and roles which each of us face every day it's quite challenging to pay attention to one's health. The InnerBalance Concept has been specifically developed to achieve this kind of awareness, throughout today's busy lifestyle.


“It is time for Inner Balance”